Sunday, February 25, 2007

Inconvenient Truth Wins Oscar

Al Gore joined Director Davis Guggenheim on stage this evening to accept the award for Best Documentary Feature for "An Inconvenient Truth."

In his acceptance speech, Gore spoke of the crisis of climate change and global warming.

“My fellow Americans, people all over the world, we need to solve the climate crisis.”

“It’s not a political issue, it’s a moral issue. We have everything we need to get started with the possible exception of the will to act. That’s a renewable resource. Let’s renew it.”

The movie has made $45 million at the box office, the third highest grossing documentary of all time.

Guggenheim told the Hollywood audience that he was inspired to make the movie because of Gore. "We were moved to act by this man."

Gore Mock Announcement at Oscars

Al Gore seems to be getting better at a light hearted and self deprecating approach to suggestions that he might run for the Presidency.

Gore arrived on stage tonight with Leonardo DiCaprio to announce that the Oscars have gone green.

In a well rehearsed comedy set up, Di Caprio asked Gore if he had any major announcement to make this evening. Gore responded.

"Well, I do appreciate that, Leo. And i’m kind of surprised at the feelings welling up here actually. You’ve been very convincing. Even though I honestly had not planned on doing this, I guess with a billion people watching, it’s as good as time as any. So, my fellow Americans, I’m going to take this opportunity right here and now to formally announce my intention..."

And the orchestra kicked in...

Very clever.

Al Gore at the Oscars

Al and Tipper Gore at the Oscars in what could be a big night for the movie, "An Inconvenient Truth."

Gore's Film likely to Win Oscar

The Al Gore documentary about climate change and global warming, An Inconvenient Truth, is being predicted as the winner of the Best Documentary at this years Academy Awards tonight.

And if it does win, expect Gore to join the movie's director, Davis Guggenheim on stage to accept the award.

Would there be any better platform for Gore if he does decide to join the race for the Democratic nomination? An audience of millions of Americans, in what would no doubt be a standing ovation from the Hollywood crowd.

Rumor has it that Gore may be playing another part in this evening's event. At the very least though, expect him to feature in the red carpet walk in interviews.

Although he has said that he is not interested at this stage in running for President again, he has not ruled out a bid, and former Gore aides have been meeting to discuss options of drafting him.

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Gore Rocking Against Global Warming

Al Gore is planning to help stage the biggest one of the biggest rock concerts in history to highlight the crisis of climate change.

The concert series, to be known a "Live Earth" will take place on July 7 and will bring together over 100 musicians from around the world to perform. The concerts will be held in Australia, England, Brazil, Japan, South Africa, China and the United States.

The overall climate change campaign will be known as Save Our Selves, or the SOS campaign, which has been founded by Kevin Wall who organised the Live 8 concerts for Africa in 2005.

It is expected that the concerts will draw an audience of around 2 billion people, through television, radio and live on the web.

Some of the performers who have already committed to the concert are the Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Black Eyed Peas, Bon Jovi, Snow Patrol, Snoop Dog and Sheryl Crow.

Al Gore was in Los Angeles today where the concerts were announced. He said that the concerts were linked to the beginning of the campaign, and in order to solve the climate crisis, billions of people have to be reached. He said that climate crisis is a planetary emergency.

Asked a question on whether he would consider a run for the nomination, he said that he hasn't changed his answer on politics for some time, he has no intention of running for President again. However, the status and publicity that this announcement and the work he is doing will bring him, certainly wont hurt his chances should he decide to run.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Al Gore on 14% in USA Today Poll

Al Gore is polling in third place in the latest poll conducted by USA Today released yesterday. Gore secured 14% as the preferred Democratic nominee amongst Democrat and Democrat leaning voters.

Hillary Clinton led the poll on 40% with Barack Obama second on 21%.

Gore's result which is up from 11% in the same poll in January, puts him ahead of John Edwards on 13%.

His favorable rating has also risen, up to 52% from 48% in January.

Gore is yet to rule out another bid for the Presidency, but some former campaign advisers met in Boston recently to discuss a "Draft Gore" campaign.

Saturday, February 3, 2007

ABC News Story on Al Gore

Below is a story that appeared on ABC news Thursday. It talks of a possible run by Al Gore for the Democratic Nomination. And it also describes him as a potential Democratic Dynamite!

"Feb. 1, 2007 — International appointment as environmental crusader…check. Oscar buzz…check, check. And, as of this morning, 2007 Nobel Peace Prize nominee…check.

These days it seems like former Vice President Al Gore is in the official pool of nominees for just about everything…except the race for the White House.

Last June, Gore told ABC News' George Stephanopoulos, "I can't imagine any circumstances in which I would become a candidate again."

It's a position Gore spokeswoman Kalee Kreider confirmed today, adding that the Gore camp views 2008 as a "campaign on the issue to help change and educate the minds of the American public."


Monday, January 29, 2007

Gore Honors Prince Charles

Al Gore yesterday honored Prince Charles with an award for his work in campaigning for the environment.

The award from the Center for Health and the Global Environment at Harvard Medical School, was for Global Environmental Citizen.

Prince Charles said he was touched to receive the award from Gore, and having followed his career for a long time, considered it a particular privilege.

There has been no word yet on any decision from Gore on the 2008 nomination. However, the last 2 weeks have been consumed by the Hillary and Obama announcements, the Senate Iraq hearings and the President's State of the Union Address.

When the media attention dies down a little on the Clinton campaign (and it will - can you imagine this every day for the next 12 months?) Gore may give some hint as to his intentions.

Sunday, January 21, 2007

POST/ABC Poll - Gore on 10%

For a former candidate who doesn't appear to be running yet and isn't campaigning, Al Gore certainly is popular.

In a national poll conducted by the Washington Post and ABC of 561 Democrats and Democrat leaning independents, Gore secured a very respectable 10%. This put him in fourth place in the poll behind Clinton, Obama and Edwards.

Gore has yet to rule out another run for the White House. But with the media focusing their attention primarily on the contest between Clinton and Obama, the result for Gore in this poll is very interesting indeed.

Al Gore 10%
Hillary Clinton 41%
Barack Obama 17%
John Edwards 11%
John Kerry 8%
Joe Biden 3%

Monday, January 15, 2007

Will Gore run again?

Al Gore, Former Senator from Tennessee, Vice President and Presidential Candidate in 2000 has not yet ruled out a run for the Democratic nomination for President.

Over the last few years, Gore has been maintaining a high profile, campaigning on the issue of Global Warming. He has travelled the world, talking to key political and industry leaders, as well as the general community about what he calls the greatest issue facing mankind today.

The film "An Inconvenient Truth" was a surprise hit, and created a massive amount of attention for Gore.

So will Gore run? It's hard to tell. He does have good grass roots support within the Democratic Party. And there are those who think he was robbed of the chance in 2000, and deserves another go. It would also be likely that Gore would be able to raise money quickly, unlike some of the other candidates.

But Gore would face stiff challenges. Hillary Clinton leads the race thus far, with Barack Obama not far behind. Then there is the formidable John Edwards, and maybe John Kerry if he throws his hat in the ring.

This is a big difference from his nomination in 2000, when as Vice President he had a much easier run.

However, Gore has established a reputation of being a good loser, of conducting himself with dignity since going down in 2000. And the people of America knows he cares about the big issues - he is not in this for himself, he has been working to help change the world, even as a private individual.

It is unlikely that Gore would declare over the coming weeks, with the expected announcements of Obama and Clinton shortly.

Gore may sit it out for a while, waiting to see how the other candidates fare. With big personalities in play, this could be a bruising year. It might yet be that a compromise or healing candidate could emerge from the wings.

Who better than Al Gore? Elder statesmen, former Vice President, very experienced and committed to making a difference. It might yet happen.