Thursday, February 15, 2007

Gore Rocking Against Global Warming

Al Gore is planning to help stage the biggest one of the biggest rock concerts in history to highlight the crisis of climate change.

The concert series, to be known a "Live Earth" will take place on July 7 and will bring together over 100 musicians from around the world to perform. The concerts will be held in Australia, England, Brazil, Japan, South Africa, China and the United States.

The overall climate change campaign will be known as Save Our Selves, or the SOS campaign, which has been founded by Kevin Wall who organised the Live 8 concerts for Africa in 2005.

It is expected that the concerts will draw an audience of around 2 billion people, through television, radio and live on the web.

Some of the performers who have already committed to the concert are the Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Black Eyed Peas, Bon Jovi, Snow Patrol, Snoop Dog and Sheryl Crow.

Al Gore was in Los Angeles today where the concerts were announced. He said that the concerts were linked to the beginning of the campaign, and in order to solve the climate crisis, billions of people have to be reached. He said that climate crisis is a planetary emergency.

Asked a question on whether he would consider a run for the nomination, he said that he hasn't changed his answer on politics for some time, he has no intention of running for President again. However, the status and publicity that this announcement and the work he is doing will bring him, certainly wont hurt his chances should he decide to run.